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MODEL: STP 2127-1825


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Ferocon STP 2127-1825 warehouse rack is the ideal solution for efficient warehousing. This main section of front-loading pallet racking is designed for convenient and secure storage of a wide range of goods and commodities.

Designed specifically for multi-level placement in warehouses, logistics centers and other businesses, the Ferocon STP 2127-1825 rack offers optimal space utilization and maximum functionality. You will be able to store goods on production containers, pallets or pallets of EUR type 800×1200 mm or FIN type 1000×1200 mm.

Advantages of Ferocon racking STP 2127-1825:

Quick access to loads: thanks to the convenient design of the racking, you can find the goods you need quickly and easily.

Space maximization: the racking allows you to maximize the use of storage space, ensuring optimal storage organization.

Direct access and stock control: every pallet or space is easily accessible, making inventory and stock control easy.

Flexible customization: the ability to quickly and independently change the height of the storage cells allows you to adapt the racking to different types of goods.

Simple and reliable: the shelving unit’s design ensures easy assembly and disassembly, as well as durability in use.

No matter what type of goods you store, the Ferocon STP 2127-1825 warehouse rack will be a reliable and efficient solution for your storage space.

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