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MODEL: Expert


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Modular shelving units of the Expert series offered by Ferocon online store are designed for storage of various goods, warehousing in commercial, office and industrial premises. Ideal for use in libraries and stores. The design of these racks allows you to change the structure of the rack depending on the wishes of the buyer himself.

The advantage of modular shelving is a collapsible design, which allows you to independently adjust the distance between the shelves or their number, flexible design and a large number of possible options and modifications.

BENEFITS of modular shelving Expert series:

– wide range of sizes

– unlimited number of sections

– robust design

– easy assembly/disassembly

– manufacturer’s price

We will customize racks of any size

General characteristics of the racks:

Height : 1500-2500

Width: 600->1000

Depth: 400->500

Number of shelves: 4-6

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