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Office Safe FEROCON ES-95K



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Office Safe Ferocon ES-95K

In today’s business environment, safeguarding sensitive documents, valuables, and electronic devices is paramount. An office safe is an essential investment for any organization, offering a secure solution to protect assets from theft, unauthorized access, and unforeseen disasters.

Let’s Explore His Key Features:

  • Size (WxHxD: 400x950x380 mm): A spacious casing that seamlessly blends into any interior.
  • Thickness of the door and body: The thickness of the door at 4 mm and the body at 2 mm ensures consistent protection for your valuables.
  • Lock: The mechanical key lock provides straightforward and secure access for authorized personnel.
  • Sturdy Steel Build: The office safe’s welded steel construction guarantees a strong and long-lasting defense.
  • Internal Hinges: Incorporated hinges enhance security, making it challenging for unauthorized access.

Buy Office Safe: Secure Your Business

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