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OBGPO Optical cable



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Armoured Fiber Optic Cable OBGPO for Pipelines

Optical cable of OBGPO  type with corrugated steel tape armor is designed for laying in pipes (including pneumatic laying method), blocks, collectors at the risk of rodent damage, as well as in the ground by mechanized method.

1.Central power element
2.Copper conductors (on demand)
3.Optical fibers
4.Optical module
5.Bonding yarn
6.Hydrophobic compound
7.Polyethylene terephthalate film
8.Inner sheath (may not be present)
9.Corrugated steel strip
10.Outer sheath

Optical fibers: 2-196

Available tensile strength kN: 1.5-3.5

Outer diameter Dnar, mm: 8.5-18.0

Scope of application: into the ground, into the sewer system

Cable brand: OBgPo






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