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OARP Optical cable



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Overhead Fibre Cable OARP

Optical cable of OARP type with aramid fiberglass reinforcement is designed for suspension between buildings and structures, on power substations, on poles of contact network, communication lines and lighting network, on poles of power lines in points with maximum electric field potential up to 12 kV.

1.Central power element
2.Optical fiber
3.Optical module filled with hydrophobic compound
4.Hydrophobic compound
5.Polyethylene terephthalate film
6.Inner sheath (may not be present)
7.Layer of aramid filaments (glass filaments)
8.Outer sheath

Optical fibers: 2-196

Available tensile strength kN: 3.5-3.0

Outer diameter Dnar, mm: 8.3-25.0

Scope of application: suspended

Cable brand: OARP

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