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4U Wall Mount Server Cabinet 600 Wide 450 Deep Perforated door

MODEL: SN-4U-06-045-DP

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4U Server Cabinet 600х450 with Perforated Door

The IPCOM SN Series Wall Data Cabinets offer a seamless combination of simplicity and durability, enabling easy assembly in under 10 minutes, accessible even to those without specialized knowledge or tools.

Key Features of the 4U Server Cabinet include:

  • With dimensions of 600mm in width, 450mm in depth, this cabinet offers a mounting rack adjustment step of 25 mm
  • The doors effortlessly detach and install on both the right and left sides of the enclosure, requiring no tools.
  • The door of the 4U Cabinet for Server swings open to a generous 180° angle, ensuring effortless entry to the enclosure’s interior space.
  • Convenient access to equipment through removable side panels.
  • Mounting racks are available with the choice of either galvanized coating or a finish featuring powder-coated paint.
  • Cable entry points are provided at both the base and the top to facilitate convenient cable management, ensuring organized and efficient connectivity.
  • The 4U Server Cabinet stands out with its robust design, highlighting an impressive weight-bearing capability of 60 kg.
  • With an IP20 protection rating, this cabinet resiliently safeguards server and network equipment from dust and various small solid objects. This unique feature enhances durability and extends the lifespan of your valuable equipment.
  • The perforated door enhances ventilation, maintaining optimal temperatures for your server equipment.
  • Available in a sleek black color (RAL9005).
  • Delivered to the customer in a disassembled state.

The Wall Mount Data Cabinet IPCOM SN-4U-06-045-DP is the perfect solution for compact server and network system organization. Ideal for integrators, providers, telecom operators, data centers, and other industries requiring efficient server and network system organization.

This 4U Enclosure for Server, featuring a Perforated Door, is designed for effortless integration and optimal performance, catering to the diverse requirements of contemporary server and network environments.

Elevate your server and network organization with our seamlessly integrated 4U Cabinet.

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Additional information

Rack Height, U


Depth, mm


Width, mm





Black (RAL: 9005)

Protection class, IP


Maximum static load, kg


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