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42U Floor Standing Data Cabinet 600x800mm Glass Door

MODEL: 42U-06-08 Deep Glass


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42U 600 x 800 cabinet
with Glass Door

Presenting our advanced Floor Standing Cabinets Series S, meticulously crafted to fulfill the exacting specifications of 19-inch standard equipment. These models are an ideal solution for data centers, telecommunications hubs, and professional IT environments. With their dismantlable design, they effortlessly adjust to various needs.

Specifications and Features of Our 42U Floor Standing Data Cabinet:

  • The S-42U-06-08-DS-PG-1 GREY model offers unique dimensions, with a width of 600 mm, a depth of 800 mm, and a 25 mm step is provided for precise adjustment of the mounting rack spacing.
  • Removable panels, suspended on hinges and secured with a lock, offer effortless access to the active equipment within the cabinet. Additionally, access to the equipment can be obtained from all four sides for enhanced convenience.
  • Cable inputs on the top and bottom sides of the 42U data cabinet are safeguarded with plugs. Specially designed brush entries can be attached to these plugs to provide additional protection against dust.
  • The tempered glass door not only ensures durability but also provides a pristine view, allowing for quick and reliable assessments of equipment functionality at any given moment.
  • Thanks to the 180° door opening angle, there is unhindered access to the entire floor-standing cabinet, easing the process of equipment setup, maintenance, and issue resolution.
  • The enclosure promotes effective air circulation with placed ventilation openings in both the roof and base. Should natural cooling fall short, a fan block can effortlessly be affixed to either the top or bottom for enhanced thermal management.
  • To eliminate static discharges within the 42U 600 x 800 cabinet, grounding terminals are incorporated into both the body and doors.
  • With a robust construction capable of handling up to 1000 kg of weight, this enclosure ensures stability and toughness by enduring heavy equipment.
  • With an IP30 protection rating, this model provides defense against solid particles from the external environment, exceeding 2.5 mm in size, and offers partial protection against water splashes.

How to Order the Floor Standing Cabinet S-42U-06-08-DS-PG-1 GREY

For personalized consultation and seamless ordering, connect with us via the contact number provided on our website.

You can also utilize our convenient feedback form for a callback or send your questions via email to info@ipcom-group.pl.

Please note that our premium cabinets are exclusively available for wholesale orders. Additionally, we specialize in developing tailor-made solutions.

Get in touch with us now, and we will be delighted to address any inquiries regarding the 42U 600 x 800 cabinet.

Additional information

Rack Height, U


Depth, mm


Width, mm





Gray (RAL: 7035)

Protection class, IP


Maximum static load, kg


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