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Premium Floor Standing Data Cabinets by IPCOM-Group

Introducing our line of Floor Standing Data Cabinets, expertly crafted by IPCOM-Group. We are manufacturer and supplier of a full range of products for telecommunications and network systems. Our products are delivered across Europe. In the catalog, you can discover modern freestanding 19″ rack cabinets available in sizes ranging from 18 to 42 U. They are an ideal choice in housing your server equipment.

Key Features of a Floor Standing Data Cabinet:

  • Modular Design:

Our floor server enclosures feature a modular construction, enabling customized configurations to meet your specific requirements.

  • IP30 Security Rating:

With an IP30 rating, enclosures foster a secure environment, shielding your equipment from dust and small particles.

  • Customizable Mounting Rails:

Our Floor Standing Data Cabinets are equipped with adaptable mounting rails.They offer convenient and secure equipment installation, with easy depth adjustments available as needed.

  • Removable Panels for Ease of Use:

Effortlessly access and maintain your active equipment with detachable panels that hang on hinges and lock securely. Unlocking and removing panels for 360° access is performed quickly and easily.

  • Door Choices:

Choose between perforated metal doors to enhance airflow or opt for tempered glass doors for a sleek, professional aesthetic.

  • Streamlined Cable Management:

A detachable rear panel in the unit provides convenient access to cables. Top and bottom panels feature protective grommets to organize cable routing.

  • Effective Air Circulation:

Ventilation openings on the roof and base of the floor rack cabinet promote natural airflow. For enhanced cooling, optional fan units can be affixed to the roof or base, which are available for purchase in the Accessories category of our online shop.

Custom Manufacturing

With our state-of-the-art facility and a team of in-house designers and engineers, we can create a custom model based on your samples or blueprints, translating your distinctive vision into reality.

Wholesale Sales of Floor Standing Data Cabinets

We have experience in wholesale sales, serving as suppliers to many major companies, including mobile operators and various providers. We are ready to take orders for large quantities, guaranteeing highly competitive prices.

Europe-Wide Delivery

With our in-house logistics service, we deliver products across Europe. Delivery timelines are discussed individually with each client and depend on the order volume. Rest assured that your products will be delivered on time and in perfect condition.

How to Purchase Your Floor Standing Data Cabinet from IPCOM-Group

  • Reach out to us through the contact details on the website.
  • Drop your phone number to receive a callback.
  • Alternatively, you can email us at info@ipcom-group.pl.

Reach out today for all your questions!

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