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Vandal-Proof Cabinets by Ipcom-Group: Uncompromising Security for Your Equipment

Today protecting critical equipment is of paramount importance. The reliability and security of your infrastructure depend on it. Ipcom-Group presents vandal-proof cabinets, engineered to deliver unparalleled safeguarding for your valuable assets, whether it be server equipment or electrical components. In addition, our company offers vandal-proof boxes in 1U and 2U sizes, which can be used as enclosures for surveillance cameras.

Vandal-Proof Cabinet Features:

  • Robust Construction: Crafted from 1.5-2.0mm thick steel sheets for lasting durability.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Finish: Powder polymer coating protects against corrosion and mechanical damage.
  • Enhanced Security: Equipped with strong locks and recessed door edges for added defense.
  • Optimized Ventilation: Integrated ventilation grids maintain a balanced microclimate.
  • IP 31 Protection Certification: Meeting Stringent Industry Standards.
    In the case of the vandal-proof cabinets offered by Ipcom-Group, they proudly boast an IP 31 rating. This means, that the cabinets are rigorously tested and proven to provide a high level of defense against the entry of solid objects larger than 2.5mm in diameter, as well as protection against dripping water when the cabinet is tilted up to 15 degrees from its normal position.
  • Variety of Sizes: Available in wall-mount and floor-standing options, ranging from 7U to 42U.
  • Ease of Installation and Use: Vandal-Proof Cabinets from Ipcom-Group are designed for straightforward setup and effortless integration into existing systems. Additionally, user-friendly features make them easy to operate and maintain, making them a practical choice for various applications.

Applications of Vandal-Proof Cabinets:

  • Public Transportation Hubs: Safeguarding critical equipment in bus and train stations.
  • Outdoor Surveillance Systems: Protecting cameras and sensitive electronics in public spaces.
  • Industrial Facilities: Withstanding harsh conditions in factories and manufacturing plants.
  • City Infrastructure: Ensuring the security of vital equipment in city infrastructure.
  • High-Traffic Areas: Installing in locations prone to heavy human traffic and potential vandalism.
  • Retail and Commercial Spaces: Safeguarding electronics and infrastructure in public-facing areas.

Ipcom-Group – Your Gateway to Quality, Affordability, and Reliability

As manufacturers, we have the capacity to fulfill orders of any size. Whether you need a single cabinet or a complete suite for a large-scale project, Ipcom-Group has the resources and expertise to meet your requirements. Additionally, we stand behind the quality of our products and offer a comprehensive warranty for added peace of mind. Furthermore, we take pride in offering exceptionally competitive bulk prices, ensuring that you receive the utmost value for your investment. We ensure swift and reliable delivery across Europe, so that your products arrive in a timely manner, no matter where you are located on the continent.

Secure your equipment with Ipcom-Group’s vandal-proof cabinets. Call us today, and we’ll provide you with a customized commercial offer that you won’t be able to resist.

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