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Server Rack Evolution: New Possibilities with IPCOM-Group’s Modern Solutions

A Server Rack is a dedicated framework crafted for the purpose of accommodating and organize servers and related equipment in data centers. At its core, its primary advantage lies in the streamlined organization and efficient use of space.

Types of Server Racks in Data Centers: Unveiling the Diversity

In modern network infrastructure, various types of server racks are widely utilized, distinguished by their sizes, configurations, and functionalities. Let’s exploring the diversity of them.

1. Two Post Data Rack: Simple, Yet Effective

Commonly referred to as relay or telecom racks, they offer easy access to equipment and are favored for smaller network installations. Furthermore, enhancing optimal airflow.

2. Four Post Server Rack: Stability Meets Versatility
Recognized for their robust support and flexibility, they accommodate heavier equipment. The four-post design allows adjustable mounting depths.

3. Cabinet Rack: Security and Climate Control
Equipped with front and rear doors, side panels, and occasionally a top cover, these racks ensure controlled airflow, contributing to the efficiency of the cooling process. Their design not only safeguards servers from physical access but also addresses the need for enhanced climate control.

How many 1u Servers in a Rack?

A 1U server is one unit in height and takes up roughly 1.75 inches in height. Consequently, a 42U rack can accommodate around 42 1U servers.

However, this is a theoretical figure. The actual number may be lower, as one must account for the space taken up by cables and other components.

Best Server Racks from the manufacturer IPCOM-Group

Discover Modern Adjustable Constructions in Our Online Store.

  • Versatile Configurations: Choose from 4 post or 2 post configurations of server racks, providing flexibility to align with your specific requirements.
  • Stylish Color Options: Available in both sleek black and professional grey, ensuring a seamless integration into the aesthetic of your data center interior.
  • Adjustable Depth for Precision: Enjoy the benefits of an adjustable depth feature, guaranteeing a precise fit for your equipment and enabling a neat and organized setup.
  • Diverse Size Options: Select from a range of sizes, including 24U, 33U, and 42U, to cater to various capacity needs.

IPCOM-Group – Your Trusted Server Rack Supplier. Upgrade your data management infrastructure with our modern products, available for direct purchase from the manufacturer at the best prices. We operate on a wholesale basis and serve as suppliers to well-known large corporations.

Custom Server Rack Enclosure: Crafted to Your Precise Specifications

As manufacturer, we are delighted to create products of any height, size, and color according to your unique specifications. With our in-house factory and dedicated design team, we have the capability to manufacture any product according to your specifications. We provide a warranty on our data racks and offer delivery to any point in Europe.

Ordering Information:

For inquiries or to place an order, please contact us through the phone numbers listed on our websites. You can also reach out via email at info@ipcom-group.pl or leave your contact number for a prompt response.

Act promptly to unlock a world of possibilities! We’re eagerly anticipating your call!

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