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Safe for closet Ferocon BS-15K

SAFE FURNITURE FEROCON BS-15K is characterized by durability and compactness. This model is suitable for home and office use. It can hold money, jewelry, coin or stamp collections, documents, flash drives, expensive watches or keys. We produce designs that are characterized by stylish design and reliability.

Wall thickness: 1.2 mm
Door thickness: 2 mm
Model weight: 2.1 kg
Fire resistance: –
The safe closes with 1 lock
Lock type: key
Tracer: no
Anchor mount: yes
Color: gray

The safe belongs to class H0. By installing such a design you can be sure that valuable things are protected from accidental persons, for example, they do not have access to the company’s visitors, cleaners or housekeepers.

Design features
SAFE  FEROCON BS-15K is a reliable and functional design. Given the small size (specify dimensions width or depth), this design is suitable for storing home savings, a small amount of jewelry, seals, media, electronics, keys or personal documents.

Place of installation: chest of drawers, linen closet, bedside table or any cabinet furniture. The internal space of the safe is divided by one shelf (two shelves).

The safe is painted with violet-colored powder paint. It is resistant to scratches, chipping and also protects the safe from metal corrosion. For individual orders you can choose your own paint color.

Advantages of buying in our store
Ferocon is a Ukrainian manufacturer of safes. On the site there are several lines for different budgets. If you are looking for a reliable design – your valuables will be safe with Ferocon safe. Quality workmanship and favorable price make the FEROCON BS-15K model a profitable investment in your own confidence.

SAFE FURNITURE FEROCON BS-15K can be bought at a low cost in our online store by placing an order using the electronic shopping cart. If you need to clarify information before ordering you can get detailed advice by phone.

We accept single and wholesale orders from private customers or legal entities. For the convenience of buyers goods from the catalog online store can be paid in cash or cashless method. When ordering a large batch can be discounted, as well as formed favorable conditions for partner cooperation. And video review of our products can be viewed at the link below.

In our store you can buy a furniture safe  FEROCON BS-15K with delivery to any locality. To do this in the process of placing an order, you need to specify the data for shipment and choose a carrier: New Post or Delivery.

Additional information

Depth, mm


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