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Hidden Wall Safes

Embark on a discovery of cutting-edge security with IPCOM-Group, a leading artisan in crafting safes and metal products. Committed to excellence, we consistently stay abreast of innovations and uphold the highest standards of product quality.

Our Hidden Wall Safes stand out for several reasons:

  • Inconspicuousness: Through effortless integration, they seamlessly blend into your wall, safeguarding your valuables discreetly from prying eyes.
  • Diverse Lock Options: In our lineup, find a variety of lock types, including electronic and traditional key locks.
  • Robust Construction: Crafted from high-quality steel, designed to be tamper-resistant and durable.

Where is the Best Place to Install a Hidden Wall Safe?

Choosing the optimal location is crucial for both security and accessibility. Ensure to select a load-bearing wall or a concrete floor for added structural integrity. Also consider the following:

  • In the Bedroom: Conceal valuables behind a painting or mirror.
  • Home Office: Install a concealed storage solution behind a bookshelf.
  • Dressing room: Utilize the space behind your clothes or shoes within the closet.
  • In the Office: Integrate a concealed safe discreetly within your office furniture.

How to Install Your Hidden Wall Safe?

  • Ensure the following criteria are met when installing:
  • Choose a load-bearing wall constructed from robust materials.
  • The wall’s thickness must exceed the safe’s depth by a minimum of 10 cm.
  • The installation site should be dry to prevent potential issues with lock functionality.
  • Ensure no structures impede the door’s opening.
  • When preparing the recess, consider that it should be 5-8 cm larger than the product for laying a cement cushion and securing mortar.
  • Secure the Hidden Wall Safe in accordance with the provided instructions.

While following our guidance guarantees success, we strongly recommend seeking the expertise of professionals to save time and ensure precision in every detail.

Buy Hidden Safe with Ease from IPCOMGroup

  • Visit our website and reach out to us through the provided contacts.
  • Simply leave your contact number, and our team will get in touch with you promptly.
  • Send us an email at info@ipcom-group.pl expressing your interest, and we will provide you with all the necessary details.

Contact us today, and we will provide you with the best offers and prices on hidden safes, tailored just for you.

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